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Precision & Significant Figures Self-Paced

in 1. Department of Science



with Mr. Dan Martin

Course Overview

This Precision & Significant Figures course is intended to help high school students become comfortable with the rules necessary for rounding numbers when precision and significant figures are required. Students who have been previously exposed to some rules through a science course such as chemistry and physics may find this self-paced course to be an excellent review.

Students will be taught the proper method of implementing the rules of significant figures for the type of calculations that students are asked to perform in math and science courses. These rules are briefly covered at the beginning of most physics and chemistry text book, however, the introduction of these rules in a typical text is often brief. This course puts all of the rules in one, comprehensive location and gives students plenty of exposure and practice so they can be comfortable implementing these rules when required.

Students will be assigned readings and practice problems that cover the rules for precision and significant figures. This process will develop a foundation that will be instrumental in success not only in high school chemistry and physics, but later in college science, math, and engineering courses.


Students must have successfully completed algebra 1 prior to enrollment in this course.

What is a self-paced course?

Registration in a self-paced course means that a student works online at his or her own pace and comfort level (within a 1-year subscription window). There is no instructor available as a part of this course.

Self-paced courses are living courses. The online platform offers Apologia certain advantages in presenting you with the most accurate, up to date information. Living courses may be updated and improved over time with changes or even new features. No more waiting for the new printing of a book!

One-year access to this course includes:

  • Readings for the course curriculum
  • Multimedia and interactive activities for the student to complete
  • Assessment and exams that are automatically graded
  • Automatic grade report generation
  • Progress tracking viewable by a parent, guardian, or homeschool coordinator

Total cost is $39.99 ($37.49+$2.50 host fee).

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